Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tie-Dye Party & Potluck Lunch

6 moms, 10 kids, 20 once-white items, lots of food, and 3 hours later and we are finished with the tie-dye party & potluck lunch that we hosted. It was a lot of work but we made some very nice items that I think Isabel is very proud of making.

Here is Isabel putting rubber bands on the three items for her (2 shirts & 1 shorts) and she is sitting next to the 2 onesies I did for the baby.

The part she was very excited for was stirring. The stirring was a really good step for all the kids to help out on.
While our items were soaking up dye, we had a potluck lunch. I like having playdates that incorporate lunch because then no one has to leave early to get their kids fed. We had a lot of yummy food.

Isabel was pretty wiped out afterwards. She is just blankly starring at the tv when everyone finally left. There were a lot of people here and it can be hard for a kid to share all their toys with that many people. We had a couple of tantrums, but I think that just lets the other moms feel normal seeing that other kids throw tantrums too. It usually seems to happen at their own homes, is what I noticed. Isabel is more likely to throw a tantrum at our house and her friends at their homes. Sharing is hard.

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