Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Days

We've had some busy, but fun days. Yesterday we started out our morning going to a Kids Summer Movie Camp at the theatre in Faribault. Seats are $2 each for the Wednesday 10am show. We saw Tale of Despeareaux. We did buy popcorn, but even buying a popcorn and these 2 admissions was the same price I paid on Monday night at this theatre for Harry Potter. Then we came home, had lunch, made some crafts & had storytime & a nap. Then we went to a birthday party for 1.5 hours, then to our church family picnic and finally to Central Park for the kickoff of Crazy Days (which is sure was for us.)

The picture above is from today when we went to the park. We got out our her old big stroller and walked there and played for about 1.5 hours, most of that was in the sand. Then back home for lunch, storytime & a nap (yes, she is taking them again pretty regularly and is sleeping less at night; she gets up earlier now which will be good for when preschool starts in the fall.) Afterwards we went to the pool for 1.5 hours, then went to Subway for supper, to the library to get new books & turn in her reading log for book prize and finally to Central Park for the 11 @ 7 concerts.

Tomorrow we have a playdate in the morning and in the afternoon we are going to Friday Fun Day Event at FPL and then to my OB appt. We will be home in time for a decent late nap.

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