Thursday, September 03, 2009

2nd Haircut

Well, yesterday Isabel got her haircut for a second time. We had a playdate with her friends Amelia & Gavin and their mom Caitlin is a hair sylist. At her job she concentrates on color, so she doesn't cut hair often, so I think a head full of preschooler snarly curls was a challenge. But she did a good job and we are thankful to her for being so nice and cutting it for her. She really needed her hair cut before preschool started next week. It is much easier to comb again since there isn't quite as much hair to get snarls in. She cut off about 2 inches. She & I have hair that is about the same length, but she seems to think she has hair like daddy now because her hais "is short". She likes it and got a lot of compliments yesterday. I think she looks so cute with a chin length bob.

Yesterday evening was the preschool open house, which was a chance for the parents & kids to go and check out the room & teachers & bring in paperwork, etc.
Today we had a play-dough playdate turned dance party with her friend Gavin at their house. He had another friend, Riley, over as well and his mommy is due less than 2 weeks before me. Then we spent some time in the driveway this afternoon playing with chalk & ice and then water balloons.
Oh! And funny story -- one of the moms who came to our brunch & books playdate emailed me saying she wasn't sure what side conversations the kids were having because her son asked her, "Can I see the hole I came out of?" "because Isabel's mom is having a baby and it is going to have to come out." "Is it near your poopy hole?"
Luckily his mom had these conversations when his sister was born, he just didn't absorb them since he was much younger. It made me laugh out loud, but I think she was afraid she might have to have a birds & the bees talk at age 3. She found humor in the whole situation.
Great! My child is going to have all her friends from preschool going home asking what a "gina" is and if they "came through a tunnel called the birth canal" (if they can remember the words).
But just how does that conversation go for 3 years olds, is it something like this (at least with the words I have taught my child):
A - "Let's go catch bugs."
B - "Ok. Let's use a net."
A - "My mommy's having a baby."
B - "Oh. How does it come out?"
A - "Through her gina."
B - "Where's that?"
A - "Down here (pointing), it's a hole you come out of."
B - "Oh. Did I come out there?"
A - "You came out a birth canal."
B - "Oh. I want the blue net."
A - "No, you can have the orange net."
B - "Ok. I want a snack."
A- "Me too. Catching bugs is hard work."

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