Friday, September 25, 2009

"Down On the Farm" @ OPL w/ ECFE

Every month (during the school year) the library in Owatonna hosts a collaborative event with the Owatonna ECFE on one Thursday night. Last night was the first one for this school year. There is always so many people there and it's tough for Isabel to pay attention to the 30 min. storytime portion, but she LOVES the 30 min. craft & activity portion of it. They had a sensory station set up, which she played in for a while and a playdough table, which she played at A LOT. And then there were two crafts, one was making a pig and the other was gluing cutouts of a farm, farmer, & animals on a piece of paper.
This morning we are going to gymnastics open gym and will meet several of her friends there. She is very excited for this.

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