Saturday, September 19, 2009

Airfest Day Two & All-Natural Play Clay

Today we went tot he 2nd day of the Faribault Airfest. What a beautiful weekend for it! Almost every year it rains the weekend they have this airfest, so we have never gone. I am glad we went. It was a good time, even if it was hot.

They had an airshow today that started out with parachuters, then had some aerobactic races followed by single plane aerobactics, some more races and some more single plane aerobactics, then a large-scale model radio-controlled airplane doing aerobactics and then one more pilotewd plane doing aerbactics. It was pretty neat.

There was a lot of opportunities for people to try in different helmets and climb on board a plane or simulators. Someone could also pay for real helicopter, plane or hot air balloon ride, but we didn't do any of that. Maybe some day I will get up in a hot air balloon, I think that might be kind of neat.

Yes, daddies & mommies could play too. And daddy did his fair share of playing.

We made some all-natural homemade clay this morning. You can read all about it on the Green Blog.
There are more pictures of her making it on that blog, so check it out. Remeber to click on the picture to enlarge it to see it in greater detail.

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