Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures & Updates

The top one is from today. I took her to see "I Like Me" at Stages Theatre. This is the 7th or 8th show I have taken her to there. I really like their theatre for a children's theatre. The first charater was her favorite and she called her the "sparkly, pink girl" because "pink is my favorite color and I like sparkles." And she also liked Henry, who is the shorter character in the other picture. She liked him because her brother is going to be named Henry. Ironically, the taller character is Big Mike/ Michael and Michael is going to be his middle name.

After we got home I called and reserved us tickets (for all 4 of us, Henry will get a lap pass) to go see "Twas the Night Before Christmas" in December.

Also - wanted to note that she is wearing the jumper that grandma S. made her for her birthday.

This picture is from Saturday when Isabel's grandma & grandpa M. came down to babysit her. Since they don't get to see her very often, there is a tendency to let her do a lot more (or at least tolerate her convincing them to do even more) than mom might do. She did A LOT of painting projects with grandma and yes, she did paint the wall. I walked in on her fingerpainting the wall while grandma was washing her hands. And yes, it was cleaned up. It was actually the first time she tried to paint (or color or anything) on the wall. She had a good time with them and was excited for a week when we told her they were coming and would ask every day if they were coming that day.

I think I got this idea out of Parents magazine. It's so simple, I should have known about it a long time ago. She loves popsicles & yogurt is so good for you, so this is perfect! All you do it stick a popsicle stick in yogurt container (I like to use the smaller multi-pack kinds since she might not eat it all if it was a larger one) and pop it in the freezer. Then push from the bottom to get out the yogurt pop. Yoplait won't work because of the shape of the container & ridge. You also might have to run some warm water over the container to slip it out. She loves these and will eat all of it, whereas if I just gave her a container a yogurt she has a tendency to eat about half.

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