Thursday, September 10, 2009

U of M SORC Open House

Tonight, all three of us went to the U of M South Outreach Center Open House in Waseca. This is the 3rd (my 4th or 5th) one of their annual open houses that Isabel has been to. We missed the one when we moved to WI. We were there for three hours and still didn't get to do everything. By the end we were all pretty tired, not just this preggo. Isabel had a great time and we all left stuffed with food. It's unbelieveable how much food they give away at various points. I missed out on the wine tasting once again, but daddy got to try them.

Of course, since we were there so long Isabel got home & down for bed a half hour late. I guess it could be worse.

She got to milk a goat by hand, feed & pet some goats, see some baby piggies & calves, make some crafts, play some games, collect lots of stickers & other prizes, get a tattoo (she loves getting tattoos), got on a wagon ride, go through a "black light tent", learn about & touch a bunch of grains, learn about bugs, and eat lots of food. Oh! Plus she met Goldy the Gopher (which she thought was a bear) and was very impressed with the large pumpkin, the white pumpkin, the yellow cauliflower & purple broccoli she found.

Whew! And we didn't even make it to the corn maze and she wasn't old enough (next year she will be) for the pedal tractor race. But I think we did get to everything else. Oh wait! I take that back, as we were leaving I saw we missed the walking tour of the flower gardens. She actually probably would have liked that better than the wagon ride. So, something to keep in mind for next year.

We had fun!

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Phanie said...

I think her hair cut is so cute!