Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Busy Sunday

Ok, our day with heading to the Crofut Winery in Jordan, MN in the morning for their Grape Stomp. We had dressed & planned to do some stomping, but once we got there and Isabel started touching some mushed grapes she wanted nothing to do with it.
But we did stay there for a while and did everything we could.

Then as we headed towards home we saw a sign for HillCrest Orchard and decided to stop there. We sampled 4 different apples and then went out to pick a 1/2 peck of "Sweet 16". A 1/2 peck netted us 23 apples, most of which Isabel picked. She thought it was fun.

Then we continued on our way taking backroads and daddy decided we should stop and check out Albers Park. He drives by it sometimes on the way home from work when he wanted to not be on the interstate, so now was our chance to explore it.

Our fourth destiantion was home. It was a nice fall drive in the country areas. Some of the leaves are starting to change (slowly, since it has been too warm) and there was a nice breeze with an overcast.

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Ann Crossen said...

Love the slide show, very clever. You proved they grow up so fast.