Friday, September 18, 2009

Hot Air Balloon, Part Two

This is a 3 day project. It took 24 hours to have our layers of paper mache dry on the balloon. Then last night (after we returned from ECFE) we painted the balloon. All three of us painted it, as it was quite a bit to paint with such a big balloon. Isabel enjoyed mixing the colors to see what new colors it would make. Daddy wanted her to keep it neat at first, but realized his desires were fruitless and she was going to do what she wanted. Can't stifle her creativity!

Then we used bottom cut from a 2-quart milk jug as the basket and used paste and leftover red tissue paper (same tissue paper we had reused on the drum she made for the fair). She wasn't as interested in correctly applying layers as she was in playing in the paste (I think we need to make some homemade playdough soon!) and daddy didn't care for the feel of the paste on his fingers, so it was up to me to complete the paper mache on thebasket.

Today we will finish our project by putting holes in the balloon & basket and attaching them together with leftover string. Then we will have to find a place to hang out creation.

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