Sunday, September 13, 2009

Letter Pancakes

Here is today's breakfast creation. She was very excited to have her initals made into pancakes. Not a lot going on here today. We went to church today and she has been bumped back into the nursery (or for her we are calling it the playroom) do to them reconfiguring the ages of classes. She had fun in the playroom and didn't care she wasn't in church school. I talked with our minister a bit as we were eating (there was lunch there today) and he said once we move into the building (next month) we will see our congregation size grow a lot in the first 6-12 months (maybe even double w/in a year, guess a big fancy bldg with all sorts of bells & whistles will do that) they will be restructuring the classes again & again. In the new church (it's almost finished being built) they will have lots more classrooms and we've just gown too big for the current place they are renting that the 3 year olds got squeezed out of the classrooms & back into the nursery (not that that room is really big enough to handle more kids). Oh well.

Then we came home and she helped me with freezing some tomatoes & drying tomatoes & herbs. She also separated the seeds of day lilies and peonies we collected a few days ago into respective bags.

Today she saw I got a "Gardening with Kids" catalog and was so excited and asked if she could take it and look through it. I don't know how I got it, but it has some neat stuff in there. We talked to her a few days ago about next year putting in a small raised garden bed that will be all hers and she can planted whatever she wants in it. She was happy about that. She loves to garden with me.

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