Tuesday, September 08, 2009


This afternoon we did some crafts before she became completly exhausted and took a nap (actually, she is still down & it's been just over 2 hours now).

The first craft we made is a pom-pom spider with google eyes. She picked out the multi-color yarn & I picked out the black and we both spun our yarn around pieced of cardboard. Then she picked out legs to both spiders and I applied hot glue to the ends and she stuck them inside. She picked out her big fat eyes, which I have to admit I didn't want her to pick out but they turned out very cute. They are very fun & cute spiders.

The ideas for this craft came from The Preschooler's Busy Book.

We also made a recycled placemat, which will be on the Green Blog later on. So, stay tuned for those pictures.

And as soon as she wakes, the plan was to make rice krispie bars. She has been asking for them for a few days. Turns out it was part of her snack today at preschool, but she doesn't care. She wants more rice krispie bars, which is good because I have a craving for soemthing sweet right now.

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