Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At Home Math Games

I checked a book out of the library about math games you can do with preschoolers and it had a lot of fun ideas in it. The top one is what we called the snack game. You could certainly use non-snack items, but I thought it would be quite the motivation to finish the game completly if you get to eat all the goodies in it afterwards (& a couple were candies.)

Anyways, it was an easy game to set up & make and she caught on fairly quickly (according to daddy since he played it with her while I was out). The challenging part was coming up with 12 differernt small snack items and figuring out which ones I wanted to go in which number.

I labeled an egg carton with the number 1-12 and filled each with a different snack and the number of pieces corresponded with the number in which it filled.

Then I mixed them altogether in a container and she had to take them out and sort them into like piles and then count how many there was of an item and out it in the appropriate spot. Then it was time to snack.

Our second game here is a craft for her to do as well. We used an animal magazine of hers, some large craft sticks, glue, tape and a pair of scissors. she picked out the pictures she wanted to make puzzles of, then cut them out. She did a really good job of cutting straight; I was impressed; so all I needed to do was trim it down to size.

Then she lined up the craft sticks on top of the picture to see how many each needed (we made two) and placed tape over the sticks to hold them in place. Then we placed glue over the entire backside of the picture and put it on the non-taped side of the sticks then left it to dry. When it was finished drying, I sliced the paper between each stick in order to make separate pieces that she can put in order.

She was not quite as interested in putting them in the correct order as she was in making the game and then building with them afterward.

Today I also went into to her preschool and read to the kids for storytime. It's only 10 minutes, which is 2 books. The kids, including Isabel, all seemed to like having someone new come in to read to them. I am going in again in 2 weeks. I wanted to be able to do this a couple times before the baby was born because who knows what things will be like and how easy it will be able to coordinate.

We also had an ECFE fun shop class this afternoon. Tuesdays are a busy day for us with preschool & ECFE class. She did take a nap today (it seems like she takes 1-2 naps every 7 days), so that was helpful.

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