Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall & Halloween Stuff

Well, I had the pictures posted earlier and am now getting around to the text.

Today we met grandma & grandpa at the MN Zoo for HallZOOween. Isabel wore her cow costume and they gave out trick-or-treat bags and some treats. She played for a while in the Kids Den, which was kinda fun. You can see her donning the scuba gear that was in there to try on. We had never gone in there to play before. She lasted 2 hours until it was major meltdown time. She got about a 20-minute nap on the way home and then rested for another half hour and that was it for naptime today.

This evening we went to a graduation party for our friend Rebecca who got a Master's degree today.

This picture is from Thursday. We were raking leaves in the back yard & filling up 70-gal. pumpkin leaf bags. Now we have some Halloween lawn decorations.

We've been doing storytime on Thursday nights and Isabel enjoys that. She really likes when they get to stretch & "get the wiggles out" and then when they get to sing a song and get to go put items on the board that were handed out to the kids. This week it was stories about bears and they had different colored bears to put up on the board. When Isabel's bear colors were called she would run up there and place her bear on there and then "correct" other bears that other kids put up there upside down. She couldn't just let them be upside down and had to fix them. She got that from her mother.

Friday we went to playgroup at a nursery in a local church in the morning and then in the evening we went the Haunted House fundraiser for her gymnastics club. We went through the Haunted House as a non-scary group, but she was still scared. It wasn't too long, so it wasn't too bad. They had 2 different bounce houses there that she absolutely loved.

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