Thursday, October 09, 2008


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Well, since I finished up making jelly rather quickly this morning, we had plenty of time to take a bike ride to the park and play. We had a lot of fun there. Some of the new things we did there was climb to the top of the hill and roll down. Although we both stopped several times because it is a long hill and we were getting quite dizzy. We also went into the tennis courts and we would throw the ball back and forth to each other and then she started kicking it around. What's so nice about playing in there is that it has a hard flat surface which makes it easier to run on and is also gated all around, so the ball can't roll to far away. And when there is a wind like today you like having those boundaries.

This afternoon w are meeting playgroup at a pumpkin patch. So, we will buy a pumpkin to carve sometime next week. Since we will be visiting friends & family the last week in October, we want to carve it s that we have some time to enjoy it. And we'll probably go to the library for storytime afterwards.

Tomorrow we have her other ECFE class in the morning and then in the afternoon Carrie & Gavin are coming over for a playdate.

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