Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to Make Scrambled Eggs

If a two-year old can do it, you can too. Actually, she has been making scrambled eggs with me for the last couple months. She has gotten good an cracking the egg, although when she opens the shell she still manages to egg on her hands. And sometimes she forgets to open the egg shell over the bowl, but usually she gets it in the bowl. She loves cooking with me.
So, the window installer came today and even though we have new windows in, the job is not complete because Lowe's forgot to send along the lumber that was ordered & paid for to finish it. Plus they installer broke the inside trim and we weren't sold any new stuff. Oh, and they never sold us any window wraps and on the 2 new windows they need wraps, the 3 replacements can just use the old wraps. We will have the roofer people out on new wraps. We are not doing this through Lowe's. Lowe's has inconvenienced me so much for these windows. And pissed me off too. Oh, and one of our new windows has a torn screen, so I have to wait 10 days for that to be ordered & get in. I made sure I let the manager I called to complain to today that they lost out on the roof replacement (which we did have them quote) because they have screwed up this window deal so much. I made sure he knew it wasn't a small house and that the roof replacment on house, carport & gargage was near $20K. Hopefully they realize that you need to treat every customer & deal with promptness & respect, because screwing up a smaller deal can leave you out of a really big deal. We didn't go with our third (potential) roofer because they were taking so long and wouldn't commit to an actual quote & give us anything on paper. I don't think so.
So, now I need that drink tonight. I am starting a little group of women that will go out on the Third Thursday (on The Town) TToTT. So, tonight we are going out to Applebee's I figured if we all have iton our calendar and know to expect it a certain day every month that we will be much more likely to get out and do it.
I also prepared 36 cups of apples w/ sugar to freeze for future use. So, that's enough to make 6 apple pies. I still have another large bag of apples to do something with, but I am getting a little sick of peeling & chopping apples.

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Andy said...

You forgot step 1 when making scrambled eggs:

1. Put on purple fuzzy pimp hat.