Friday, October 10, 2008

Lesson in Music, Week #1

Well, we already incorporate a lot of music into our day, every day. So, we needed to expand on it. We sing a lot every day and always listen to music in the car and sometimes turn on music when we are playing in the playroom. Music & dancing is always a part of Isabel's Friday morning ECFE class. So, what did we do to learn/experience something new, well....
* We made up a new song about a bike ride.
* Had a jam session with daddy on the guitar.
* Checked out 5 books about music from the library and have been reading those.
* Played toy instruments with mommy & friend Gavin.
* Explored how sticks make different sounds on different objects.
* Listened to a new (new to us) CD by Raffi.
* Listened/Watched the animated songs (link in previous post) online.

So, I think we had a pretty good week. Next week & this weekend we plan to start watching the Baby Einstein video "Meet the Orchestra", color some music coloring sheets, and make a homemade instrument. Plus, we'll keep doing what we have always done and the new stuff we experienced this week.

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RVC Moms Group said...

Hi there! I'm Kristie Kerr and I head up the Moms Group from River Valley Church. So glad you are going to be joining us at our Fairbault group! We have a great group of ladies there!

We start at 9:30 - and spend some time talking and eating (of course!!) then we have a lesson time - we are studying marriage right now - and then we have time for group discussion and time to pray together.

If you have any other questions - you can email me at

Have a great day!