Monday, October 20, 2008

Making Shakers

Well, today we made some shakers. I had intended to use different containers, but I must have give them away when I thought we were making a permanent move. So, I saw I had some empty plastic eggs to use. We filled 4 eggs with dry beans, dry rice, sand, & pennies. Then we taped each shut with some colored electrical tape and decorated with stickers. She can tell which is the pennies & beans, but the rice & sand sound a little similar. This was a fun little activity and now she is carrying around her shakers in a purse.
We also played Karaoke Revolution (number 3 & later I did a couple songs on number 2) this afternoon. She stuck with me for 4 songs and she tied to sing along and would dance. Then she started playing in her play tent and then started "making food" so we could eat supper after mommy was done singing. Even though she was done participating after4 songs, she would clap her hands and say "Good Job Mommy." after each song I finished. It has been quite a while since I had played KR and I didn't do as well as I used to. I forgot how hard it can be. It was fun though.
*Updated Again!*
Last night we played & read her with her Leapfrog Little Touch Leap Pad and used her Animal Dance book/card/cartridge. It was fun to use that. We had not used it in quite some time and was a good reinforcement for different aspects of music & dance. Actually we had so much fun playing with it that she didn't want to go to bed. Normally she goes to bed pretty easily, but we went up early last night and we listened to one of her cds that had Ring Around the Rosie, Pop Goes the Weasel, as well as others on it. So, there was a lot of dancing & singing.
You know - it would be hard to avoid music for kids or anyone really. Music is everywhere. All cartoons aimed at preschool age have music in them, many toys have music in them, nursery rhymes are everywhere. We listen to music in the car all the time and are usually going somewhere everyday. We sing at her ECFE classes as well as at storytime. We sing to her every night at bedtime (as well as read.) We actually sing quite a bit throughout the day, spontaneously. There is music at church. And even her Little Leaps game (which she is playing right now) has music in the backgound. Even think about the music on baby swing & infant bouncy seats & on some exersaucers. Music is everywhere.

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