Friday, October 31, 2008

Friends & Family

Well, we are now back in MN after spending 6 days with friends and family. And I am thankful to have readily available HSI again! We spent some time with lots of friends. Isabel loves spending time with her friend Rachael and we tried to see them as much as possible. A couple days ago we had dinner with our friends Aaron, Sam & Sydney, Luanne, Lucie & Henry, and Mary & Ben and we also went swimming with our friends Mary & Ben and Jamie & Jack.
Here are a couple more pictures from Halloween festivities. She wore the witch costume yesterday when we went to visit family so that grandma and grandpa could see her in one of her outfits. The cow costume she wore to storytime on Wednesday, as it was a dress-up Halloween theme. It seems like everywhere we went, whether she was dressed up or not people gave her stuff for Halloween. The library gave her fun stickers to make her own jack-o-lanterns with, today they gave her a cookie when we stopped for lunch at Subway, the sausage factory gave her a snack size bag of sausage bites, the timeshare we stayed at gave her a bottle of bubbles. And today it's finally Halloween and we will do a little bit of trick-or-treating and then take her to the Halloween party at church. We have been celebrating Halloween for a good strong 2 weeks now.

Well, on Tuesday my new niece was born. Her name is Jayden Rose. We went to visit her & her parents (& grandma & grandpa too) on Thursday. Jayden was 8 1/2 pounds and 21 1/2 inches long. Auntie Phanie went through many, many hours of labor & delivery to get this little girl. I should be pretty thankful that Isabel came as quickly and easily as she did. This is Isabel's first girl cousin. She has 2 boy cousins on daddy's side who are much older than her and 1 boy cousin on mommy's side. She is much closer in age with the cousin's on mommy's side.
Stay tuned for some new videos to be posted. I am uploading them right now and will post them in a new post when they are all live.

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