Sunday, October 19, 2008

Music Lessons, Week 3

Well, I requested a few more things from the library, which include:

* Maisy Makes Music (video)

* Forever Young by Bob Dylan (book)

* I Say a Little Prayer for You by Burt Bacharach & Hal David (book)

* Greatest Songs of the 70's by Barry Manilow (cd)

* The Artist's Album featuring Leonard Bernstein (cd)

I read about this book, Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick, but our library system didn't have it, but through my search is how I came up with the one by Burt Bacharach.

I requested the Bernstein CD because this past week I bought tickets to the Minnesota Orchestra to go to the "Bernstein Beat". It is part of the Young People's Concert Series, which means that Isabel is going, as well as mommy & daddy and we are taking grandma too. I also requested a free poster, once we get that in the mail we can talk abot more instruments, but here are the details:
A poster featuring EVERY musician in the orchestra and a seating chart showing orchestra instrument locations! Call or email to order your free poster: or 612-371-5671.

The books I already requested & reading have been well received by Isabel. She knows all of the instruments in the books, which is awesome!

This week I plan to print off a few more coloring sheets:
Violin, Xlyophone, Barney & Music, & Barney & Trombone.

The musical instrument we are going to make this week is different kinds of shakers. I will use 4 bottles that are the same, but we will decorate them each differently and put different things in each one (beans, rice, sand, something metal like maybe some washers) so that we can talk about the different sounds each one of them makes.

Finally, I am hoping to get the Karaoke Revolution going this week.

I did look up when concerts are for our school and we need to wait until Nov. & Dec. for that.

Tomorrow, Laugh, Love, Learn will post their suggestion for the week and week three is book club, so then maybe we'll get a few more ideas of books to order from the library.

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