Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday ctd.

So, this afternoon we went to Oak View Nursery & Pumpkin Patch. It was really a lot of fun and they have a lot of activities. They had these 3 wooden cutouts for pictures. Isabel thought that was fun.

Although I think her favorite is the straw bale pile with a huge pile of leaves. She loved jumping into it, as did many other kids. They also had a playset there, a wobbly ladder (with straw pile under it to fall into), a small haunted house, an inflatable haunted house, activity table (to paint pumpkins), gift shop, & snacks.

They also had a haunted trail and corn maze. It was all very tame, but Isabel is starting to get into "It's scary" and is afraid of little things (like ladybugs) that she was never afraid of before. But she was fine as long as it was daylight and she was holding my hand. We did have a lot of fun.


The Briggers said...

Is that a purple vikings hat she has on!?

Isabel's Mommy said...

It could be if you want it to be.

But it's just a purple hat, but we do live in MN again and daddy is from MN.