Monday, October 13, 2008

A Rainy Monday

Well, we didn't make it walking because of the rain. So,we stayed home and she helped me sweep. I am not sure how much help she really is, but she pushes around a broom and listens to me when I ask her to stay out of my dirt pile. So, I guess that is helping. We also did some coloring pages that had to do with music, a french horn & a microphone.

We also listened to Peter & the Wolf cd that is the story w/ orchestra. There was too much time in between pages to keep her interest, so after a few pages I just had to read the rest of the story while the cd played in the background. It was mainly music anyways. I could see that this would be a good Children's Theatre production though. I was looking at what the Children's Theatre in Mpls has to offer, and it might be fun to go to see something there. They do have something geared towards preschoolers in April of 2009 and tickets go on sale in January.

Well, this picture of her creating her own t-ball game. She took the cats' scratching post and put a ball on top and then wouldhit it off a cat wand toy. Oh, the cats don't really have toys anymore, they are all used by Isabel. They don't playwith their toys much anyways. The dog is a different story, he plays with her toys and knows they are her toys and only plays with her toys. Whenever Isabel has the notion to play with one of Molly's toys we have to tell her no.

Here is a little video of Isabel reading Don't Let the Pigeons Drive the Bus. I know for some it will be hard to understand what she is saying. I guess that is one of the benefits of being with her all the time is that I understand most of what she is saying. Daddy does a good job of understanding her as well. Plus it helps that we have the book in front of us. She will "read" first and then I will read next.

Oh, another thing I keep forgetting to mention, but you may have noticed from the pictures is the lack of Paci (that's what we call her pacifier). We had been slowly weaning her from Paci for several weeks and she only had it at naptime and bedtime, but then we finally said no more and got rid of it completly. She didn't fuss too much. We told her it was time to be done with it and she didn't need it. She tried to convince me she loves Paci, but that didn't fly. The consequence of
not having her mouth plugged up is that she is talking so much more, hence the reading stories to us. Paci used to help put her to sleep right away, but now she is chatty through all her stories & songs and is a little squirmy and takes a little longer to fall asleep.

Next I plan to tackle the potty training thing once & for all. No more doing it when she feels like it. A lot of the moms in my WI playgroup seemed to do it cold turkey and just stayed home for several days or a week while they worked on it. And it seemed to be what was needed. So, I think that is what we will have to do. She was going on the potty this summer, but it was justa crazy summer and it didn't stick. So, the plan is after our trip back to WI at the end of the month we will work on it.

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