Thursday, October 09, 2008


Well, we went to SRP yesterday to meet someone from her gymnastics class for a first time playdate and they didn't show. We stayed and played anyways and had a lot of fun. Since the theme of the month is music, we took sticks and hit them on different surfaces (picnic tabletop, picnic table legs, 3 different spots on an outdoor grill, plastic slide, chain-link fence, & those talking tunnel things). We sang Baa-baa Black Sheep as we tapped in beat on each surface. I then talked to her about how they sounded different. On Monday when we went to the park, we made up a new song about going on a bike ride. She has been enjoying when I make up new songs for her. Also, yesterday afternoon on the way to/from our ECFE picnic & games we were listening to Raffi in the car and realized their is another verse to Baa-baa Black Sheep, basically you just change black to white and boy to girl, everything else is the same. We listended to that 3 times and then at bedtime when we read stories and sing songs she asked me to sing Baa-baa White Sheep 5 times in a row. She tried for a 6th time but I told her to pick something else. We also picked grapes yesterday with mommy's fried Trudi and went to Lowe's to buy paint for Isabel's big girl room.

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