Wednesday, March 21, 2007

10 Month Charts

Baby girl hit a plateau in her height this month. Her length remained the same at 30.5 inches, which is still off the grid. Looks like last time she kinda plateaued she had a big growth spurt the next month. Although, around 1 year of age the growth is supposed to slow down.


Not a huge weight gain. Actaully, she weighs the same today as she did 2 weeks ago, 21 pounds 4 ounces. Considering that during the last 2 weeks she has been sick and not really eating (just taking in breastmilk and water and I could get her to eat a little baby food for dinner), I am thinking it is good that she didn't lose weight. So, remaining the same is just fine. Her weight puts her at the 79th percentile for weight now. That's the lowest percentile since birth (which was the lowest.)

She is feeling better now, but because her nose has been so runny and she was rubbing it a lot it got all chapped and raw. Looks like it hurts poor baby girl. She is eating just fine again. Just yesterday she started to want to eat al three meals and today she ate like a champ.


Isabel's Mommy said...

I was reading on some website that a baby will usually grow 10 inches by their first birthday (she's almost there, just has 3/4 of an inch to go) and will triple their body weight (she's almost there to, just 2 more ounces).

Meow said...


Is it almost a year already.

Holy crap. The time sure goes by.