Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Pictures

Well, I haven't taken any pictures in the last few days. I tend not to take pictures if 1) she is wearing something you've seen already & 2) I don't have time. She does look cute everyday though.

Thursday we are going to go check out Kindermusik. We were invited to come participate in one class for free, so we are going to do that this Thursday. I might be something we do this summer, we just don't have time during the school year with having ECFE (which I am not sure if there will be a spring session or not) and swim lessons (we might try a different place next time, not sure though.) Just like our other classes, Kindermusik is once a week and that might be a problem in the summer since we still have vacations and such to plan. The classes with all the materials you need to buy can be pretty pricey and if you miss a class, it makes the cost per class even more pricey.

I guess that is about it that is new. We leave for Texas in about 2.5 weeks and I am starting to plan what I need to pack for that.

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