Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday of our Trip


I really like this picture. We were patiently waiting for daddy to bring the clubs and balls to us ans she was just relaxing. This morning we saw the movie Hoodwinked in their small movie theater. They play movies that are out on video, but since we have not been to the movies in ages, everything is new to us. It also gave the opportunity to see how she would be for an hour and a half. She did fine, but we probably won't be taking her to a movie anytime soon. This was fine since it was free and it was geared towards kids anyways. I thought it was a cute movie.

Mommy Won.
We played mini-golf again this afternoon and this time mommy won. She was so good through the entire time we were playing, just eating her snacks and watching us. Actually, she has been really good the entire trip. Last night she was crying a bit, seemed like separation stuff again. Hopefully it's not. It poured out last night and this morning, but by late morning it had stopped and we walked to the activity center. By the afternoon it had warmed to 80 degrees. I look awful in the picture, but I had to post a picture that I won since I did it for daddy last time.

I had the camera out to upload the pictures onto the computer and she got all excited and kept trying to get my attention. So, I had to stop what I was doing and take some pictures.

Tomorrow we plan to go check out the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden. I mainly want to tour the gardens, but they have a museum there as well in case we want to check that out as well. That's about it that we have planned for tomorrow. It is supposed to be 82 degrees, so we are hoping to go in the pool in the afternoon.

Thursday we plan to go to Sweet Dreams Winery and that's about it for plans for that. It is supposed to be 80 degrees on Thursday. On Friday, when we leave, it cools down quite a bit.

Now I am going to log off and go take in a hot tub.

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