Saturday, March 10, 2007

42 Weeks Old

Sitting Pretty

So, I measured her this morning and her length is still 30.5", which is what it was 2 weeks ago. So, I guess that blows the growth spurt theory out of the water.

For the first time (that I know about) she got herself from laying to sitting. One moment I was watching her on the video monitor and she was sleeping, then somehow while I was folding a load of laundry she woke up and got herself sitting. I wish I would have seen her do it, but I imagine I will see her do it later.

She's working on the crawling thing. She figured out how to move her arms forward but haven't figured out to get the legs moving too. So, she starts crawling with her arms and goes as far as she can until she gets flat on her belly again. Funny. And while she is on her belly she will pick up her chest a little and pull her body forward.

Standing Pretty

We went to the safety fair at the high school right before lunch time. I really wanted to get fingerprints done, but as I look at them they seem really smeared, so I am not sure they a good set. I got a DIY fingerprint kit, so I think we'll have to do that one of these days She also got a play fireman's helmet from our local fire department. She just likes to chew on it rather than wear it. When she get's a little older it will be nice to take her to something like this again so that she can see how all the demostrations work.

Depending upon what time she gets up from her nap, we might still try to go to the Whole Living Expo. If we don't get there, it's not a big deal, but I would like to know what is available in our area.

I tried feeding her cottage cheese a second time and she really does not like it. I thought she would because she likes cheese and likes cream cheese. Maybe she doesn't like the texture.

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