Thursday, March 15, 2007

Watch Me Knock These Over.....

Isabel w/ a Vase of Beautiful Roses
Daddy got mommy a dozen beautiful smelling & looking roses for her birthday today. The three of us also went out for an early dinner a Timberlodge. It is so much easier to take Isabel out these days. We tried a few times during the early months and it rattled us so much that we just didn't go out. Now she loves to go out and watch everything/everyone. Daddy made me a wonderful booklet card from him & Isabel. I like it so much better than a store bought one. Daddy & Isabel also got me a mini-muffin pan and some muffin mixes & ice cream treats too. But the best gift I got was seeing her crawl a couple of (steps?) this afternoon. She stopped as soon as she heard/saw me get all excited. She's still kinda sick; has a nasty cough and runny nose and still doesn't want to eat much at all. Although, she will drink plenty of breastmilk and water. She loves those.

It was a nice low-key birthday. No one trying to be funny about me turning thirty. I got lots of nice calls and messages and emails and well wishes at work too.

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Meow said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND 65 MORE!

So do you all have your St Pats outfits ready?