Monday, March 19, 2007

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How's This Pose?
Last night we went to church and Iasbel & I checked out the nursery. We got there early and checked it out with daddy before there were any kids there. There is lots of toys, book, everything a baby could want. The nursery if for ages 0-2. At age 3 they get to go to classes. We had never put her in the nursery before, but this Sunday we was getting really grabby with things so I took her in there and stayed with her to check things out. I was surprised at how many kids were in there. I was thinking it would have been 3-4 kids at the most. It was at least 15 kids. I guess a lot of parents must put their kids in the nursery & in classes, as you see hardly any kids in the congregation during the service.

How 'bout this one?

Tonight was the last night of this session of ECFE classes. There may or may not be another short session this spring. It all depends if enough people will sign up. We did, however, sign up for our next session of swim classes. This time we are going to the AmericInn for classes. Holiday Inn isn't going to offer them again until the fall. My co-worker signed up with her little boy too, for the same class.

Well, we decided to have godparents for Isabel and have asked those respective people. They accepted.

Isabel is still feeling under the weather. She's still struggling with a stuffy nose and a cough, although I think it's getting better. A couple of kids from daycare found out today that they have strep. Last Monday, when we took her to Urgent Care they said she did not have strep after they did a test. I called the nurseline today to ask if they thought I should bring her in. They said that strep is rare in kids uner age 2 and if they do get it is is usually accompanied by a fever. So, they said unless she gets dehydrated or gets a fever again I don't need to bring her in and to just let the virus work through the system. I like that there is a nurse's line to call. So, if I have questions I can explain the symptoms and they can tell me what to do or not or if I needed to have her (or myself) seen right away.

We leave Friday for Texas - that's exciting. Isabel is 10 months old tomorrow - that's exciting. It's still hard to believe it's been 10 montsh already. Guess that about sums it up. Stay tuned for a 10 month picture tomorrow.

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