Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kindermusik Class

Well, we went to Kindermusik class tonight; it was a free preview class. So, here are my thoughts:
* It was a workout for mom, as at this age there are a lot of movements that go with the songs that parents need to do/help for their child. That was a good thing; mom needs to workout.
* It's pricy. If it were just the cost of the program I might possibly consider it, but each group classes has materials you need to purchase that cost around $40. The cost of the class with the materials makes it quite expensive.
* There was some education parts of the program (for the parents); what I mean by this is that she would explain the benefit certain things have on the child's learning & development. While this was nice, we've also learned this at our ECFE classes (& we do a lot of singing in our ECFE classes too.)
* There was a grandma there with her granddaughter. I thought it was neat that a grandma was taking her granddaughter to this class. I don't know there story, but I thought it was neat. Isabel's grandparents live too far away to do a weekly class with them, but maybe someday she can do a one-time class with grandma.
* Isabel seemed to enjoy it, although we have always done a lot with music and dancing with her at home and she has really grown to love it.
* We met another mom & her daughter (who is just 9 days older than Isabel) who were also previewing. Turns out we took our childbirth classes together. We exchanged phone numbers & email addresses and might try to get together with the girls. So, that was neat that we were abkle to connect. Maybe Isabel will have a girl friend, everyone else I know with babies her age have boys, which is totally fine because babies play the same no matter what sex they are.

So, I am still not sure if we will take a class. I still have to wait & see what our summer starts to look like as we plan trips and visits. Although, I think I am leaning towards not taking it. That might change in the future, but we'll see.

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