Sunday, March 25, 2007

Having a Good Time

Snuggling & Reading
This afternoon, after lunch she wanted to snuggle and read her books. We brought along three of her favorites. This one is her all-time favorite. We took some pictures with mommy & daddy in them today to show that we were on the trip too and not just baby Isabel.

Tomorrow we are off to the zoo and plan to have lunch out at some place local. We figure we'll go to 2-3 touristy places while we are here, all in Tyler which is really close.

Daddy Won.
They have mini-golf here and it is free to use. It's 18 holes and we played a round today. Isabel came along in her stroller and just sat there being such a good girl and eating her teething biscuit the whole time.

We went to the pool today, but the water in the pool was a bit chilly, so we just went to the hot tub. I went in and we dipped Isabel in a few times. The weather was warm enough that sitting out wet was perfectly comfortable. It was about 77 degrees. It is supposed to be in the low 80's for the rest of the trip and each day there is a chance of either isolated thunderstorms or scattered thunderstorms. So, we're thinking we'll still be able to get out and do things since it is not supposed to rain all day. The weather alert daddy has on his computer says that there is a Tornado watch for the county we live in. Glad we're not there, but I hope everyone & our animals will be ok.
Yes, I'm That Cool.
Of course, little girl doesn't want to wear her sunglasses. They are good for chewing on and getting back in to that molar area.

I think I bought all that baby food at the grocery store on this trip in vain. She is really not interested in eating it. At breakfast I got her to eat a little bit, but she really just wanted to eat pieces of bananas, cheerios, and pieces of buttered toast. Lunch she wasn't very hungry, but at supper she was an eating machine. She ate her baby food and some leftover cheesy mashed potatoes (what we had last night), & cheese. Then she played some and I made dinner for us early and she sat down to eat with us and ate everything we ate (chicken, stuffing, & mixed vegetables.) I even gave her a sip of my kool-aid, she loved that. She has really liked most everything we give her, although she is still not very fond of cottage cheese or yogurt.

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