Tuesday, March 20, 2007

10 Months Old

So Pretty, So Tired.

She is so tired this morning. You can just tell by looking at this picture. We had class last night which puts our schedule off by an hour. She went to sleep shortly after getting home but then only slept for an hour and got up and played and talked to herself for 2 hours. Both daddy & I tried going in there several times and rocking her to sleep, but she wasn't buying into it. So, now 2 nights in a row she only got 9 hours of sleep, she usually gets 11-12 hours of sleep. I do hope she make up the time in extra naps today (although she didn't yesterday.)

Mommy, you are so tall!

She seems to be feeling a bit better. Hopefully that continues as we get closer to our trip. The place has a pack-n-play we can use (we have to bring our own sheets for that), but doesn't have a highchair or booster chair. I did get his travel booster seat off of Freecycle, so hopefully that works decent.

Isabel is at least feeling better than some of her friends at daycare. I told you yesterday that 2 had strep throat, but we just found out that a third one had to stay the night at the hospital because she was wheezing so bad and the hospital couldn't stabilize her breathing enough to let her go home.

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