Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stuff to do with Baby in the Cities

Here are some places to go in the Cities with baby:

Open Gym (0-Kindergarten) @ Gleason's
Movies for Mom @ Crown Theatres (Downtown) (On Wednesdays)
Nature Tots @ Bell Museum (First Thursday of every month)
Toddler Tuesdays @ MOA
All sorts of class listings
Parent-Tot Chess Classes (for 3-5 year olds - this was featured on the news)
Baby Loves Disco (seems kinda pricey, $12 a person) (this was on the news too!)
Music Together music classes (sounds kinda like Kindermusik, they do have classes in Mankato & Rochester too)
Free meals for kids on the website
Events @ Creative Kidstuff

I kinda wished we lived closer to the Cities so that we could do more of this stuff. I like to go out and do things.

For some reason I just felt like looking all this stuff up.

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