Saturday, March 03, 2007

41 Weeks

I'm Another Week Older.
This little girl has such fat feet. I bought a bunch of shoes off of eBay for her and she only can fit her chubby feet into a few. Oh well. When I buy them as a "lot" on eBay I don't tend to spend much per pair anyways. Her feet don't fit into any of the shoes at Target ever, so I have to find shoes elsewhere. These tennis shoes fit just fine; she also has a couple pairs of dress shoes & some sandals (woohoo! something to wear in Texas.)

Hey! I'm Talking to You!
If she wants attention she makes sure she gets it. It's interesting to listen to her try different sounds and put her mouth in different positions to make the sounds. Right now she's been working on what sounds like "ball" and she makes this really long "o" face when she does it. Plus she has been doing a lot of squeling and grunting too.

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