Saturday, March 31, 2007

We're Back & Other Things

After a nice vacation and a flight delay of only an hour (we can't complain because Thursday night the airport was closed because of the weather - never got it in Flint - and people had to spend the night and everything was REALLY delayed) we are back home. It is always nice to sleep in your own bed with your own pillow. Isabel was pretty excited too. She missed our cats and missed her room. I think she liked that she can strecth out more in her crib than in a pack-n-play. Like I said in a different post, she's a bed hog like her dad.

Next weekend is Easter and her baptism. So, her Grams & Aunthie Phanie & Uncle J are coming over for the weekend to stay with us. On Easter we are having a dinner here and invited her grandparents and goparents (with spouses) to join us.

While we were gone there was a city council meeting and they decided upon when the city pool will open, costs, & the swim lesson schedule. They are opening it a little late this year, but maybe the school lets out late. They used to open Memorial weekend, but now they open June 9th and close end of August (they use to close after Labor Day weekend). All the costs remained the same. Maybe this year I will try to go to water aerobics a few times again.

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