Sunday, December 07, 2008

Anti-American Girl

I knew these dolls are trendy and I really hope the trend goes away before Isabel even knows about them so that I can avoid that conversation of telling her that we can't afford one. I was talking to another mom who was thinking about going to the new store at the MOA and checking them out and while we talked I looked them up online. NINETY DOLLARS!!!! For a (one) doll?!?!?!? That's nuts! And at least another $20 per outfit. And $10-$20 to get their hair done at the store's doll salon? Ummmm...NO! A bedroom set with quilt/pillow for the doll is going to run almost $200. Are they serious? Really? Who is buying all this stuff?

I know there will be other trendy expensive things I will have to say no to, but I am not starting with this. We don't read the books or watch any of the videos so she has no idea it exists and would probably not know the difference between an American Girl doll and some other doll.

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