Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, in a few minutes (by the time I post this) it will be Christmas Day. I am excited for Isabel to come downstairs tomorrow morning and see what Santa brought her.

We opened presents to each other tonight and we all received some very nice presents. After presents we had our tradition for the past few years of take-n-bake pizza on Christmas Eve. Then Isabel watched a new movie she got and mommy & daddy relaxed until we went to church. After church we came back and made chocolate chip cookies for Santa(& us!) and I read her a bunch of Santa stories before bed.
We had fun opening presents. I think Isabel's favorite from tonight was the playdoh set. That girl loves her playdoh. In one of the pictures she is playing with her playdoh and wearing the cape mommy made for her. In the other pictures she had just opened her Christmas jammies. She got two pairs, Dora & Tinkerbell. She is wearing Tinkerbell to bed tonight.

This one is from last night. We let her open a present early. She got a toy electric guitar. She wasn't as into it as we had hoped. I think she was hoping it would be like daddy's ukelele.
Tomorrow we are heading out to grams & gramps house. The original plan was to go there on Friday, but tomorrow is the only clear, dry day for travel. So, our plans had to change. I had this big Christmas dinner planned for us, but I guess it can wait until New Year's Eve or something.

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