Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making Butterflies

How to Make Butterflies out of Cone Shaped Coffee Filters
So, I gave away a coffeemaker that used these filters, which are too small for the coffeemaker I got last Christmas and I forgot to give the filters with them. So, I started looking for ideas of crafts to make with them. I have quite a few filters left and there were not that many ideas for crafts using the cone filters, so I may have to come up with some of my own ideas. But this is one idea that it out there A LOT.
First you need :
2 cone coffee filters (peeled apart at the seams)
1 pipe cleaner
bowls of water w/ food coloring in them
DIRECTIONS: Peel apart your filters at the seams. Paint them with the water/food coloring mixture with water design/pattern you like. Remember that the paint will spread on the filter as it absorbs the liquid. Gather the filters in the center and loop a pipe cleaner around both. Twist to secure. Curl tops of the pipe cleaners to make antennas. The wet filters are very flexible, so let them dry and they will harden and you can then hang them.

Our Finished Product
I actually like Isabel's better than mine. I was trying to be creative with dots & pattern, but I like how bright & vibrant hers is and how the colors meld together.
This was our project this morning. This afternoon we are going to the library and maybe to Cabela's to look at the animals.

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