Monday, December 22, 2008

Her New Robe

Well, it's official -- She loves the new robe that grandma made for her. The above picture was taken this morning when her friend Aleyah was over here for a playdate and they were playing in her room. She wouldn't take the robe off for the bathroom or naptime. The below picture she is again wearing her robe when she opened the present that came in the mail from her friend Rachael. Rachael & her mommy (Isabel likes to add that John helped) made these really cute flowers to help remind us of spring & warmer times while we are buried in snow and freezing in the cold. Isabel had to take the flowers with her in the car this afternoon & to the gym with us (the only time she took off her robe.) They also sent some candy (Isabel was super psyched about that) and some crafty items. It was so sweet of them to send Isabel a gift. We sent one for Rachael, but they haven't opened theirs yet as I was told that she put it under the tree.

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