Sunday, December 07, 2008


So, Isabel is in a size 4 top and size 3 bottoms (fit perfectly) right now. This summer as started to buy some sz. 4 tops I had to read up on what the difference on 4T (toddler sizes) and 4 (kid sizes were). Well, basically what I found out is that the kids sizes were a little bigger all around (length, waist, neck) than the corresponding toddler sizes (which for some manufacturers will go up to a 4T or even 5T).

But what about beyond that?

I bought Isabel some size 4 winter tops and the end of last winter on clearance after I figured out what she would probably be by how her growth was tracking (it's easy to do if they are consistent and you use one of those growth charts a doctor uses). The tops are a little big, but not too much. Either the wash will shrink them a little or they will fit her through the whole winter.

Well, I am not sure I really have too many of my questions answered after an hour of searching the internet. I may have created more questions, but used the charts from wikipedia and consolidated them to the chart I will need (see above) to be (she will be tall, so there is no need for any petite measurements and of course didn't use the boys' measuements) and you have to remember that each manufacturer cuts things differently and uses different measurements and each cild grows differently, because according to this she should be in size 3 for both top & bottom. So, use the chart as VERY LOOSE guidelines.

As far as overlap, I guess that if you were to start junior sizes at size 0, which they often do, you would have overlap of girls sizes and junior sizes until junior size 5 (so, for sizes 0, 1 & 3), which make me wonder if they correspond with a girls' size 10, 12 & 14.

If you are shopping for shoe sizes, I found this shoe size chart to be handy once they get to a size 4 through a kids' size 8.5. Shoe sizes seem to be easier to understand and I don't have to worry about figuring out if there is any overlap in kids' sizes & adult sizes for quite a while.

Now to get out the Dr. measurement chart and see what she will be at 3 & 3 1/2.
But what's next? It seems like not all manufacturers make a 5T, so will she be in kids' sizes after 4T? And what the deal between 6 & 6X? How far to do kids sizes run until they are in junior sizes? Is their overlap between the larger kids's sizes and smaller junior sizes?


I have been looking for a comprehensive chart that tells me the sizes & measurements on on one screen, but every image I open up is different. Bah.

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