Monday, December 08, 2008

Reindeer/Santa Hat

Tonight, while we waited for daddy to make it home from his extra long commute we made a Reindeer/Santa hat from this kit. It included all the pieces (well, it was missing a couple and we used something else we had) that were pre-cut and all we had to do was provide the glue & assemble it. It was the perfect project to do with a preschooler. It's a little big for her head, but she thinks it is so much fun. We also did a coloring project that was all these different parts of Santa that you color and then you glue them together. Her Santa looks like he is wearing the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Other than that we went to the gym this morning and I had to deal with her and her newfound separation anxiety. It seems to coincide with Thanksgiving & getting sick & progress towards potty training. After I leave and she is crying she gets over it after a minute or two, it's just that I haven't had her be like this for a year. I talked to another mom at the gym about it and she said her kids get like that after they have been sick and the oldest sure did when she was potty training. She didn't go in the nursery when we went to church this weekend because she didn't want to leave us. Instead she cuddled with daddy in his lap & stayed with us through the service.

We also braved it out there at the beginning of this storm to go buy some pizza at Pizza Ranch. One of the ECFE's was having a fundraiser there today to raise money to buy some new sensory equipment & outdoor play equipment. Oh, and we did bop over to the outlet mall right when they opened to finish up our Xmas shopping. So, other than a few things I have to wait to get in the mail and have to make.....I am all done. Woohoo!

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