Saturday, December 20, 2008

M Family Christmas

The M Family Christmas was moved up to last night because of the weather that came in today. We had a nice time and we watched the Tinkerbell DVD Isabel got from grandma & grandpa. I also watched Mama Mia with grandma. We had yummy food and received very generous gifts. Isabel loves the hooded robe that grandma made for her.
We spent the night at grandma & grandpa's house. This morning they made us breakfast that was yummy. Isabel & I went outside to do some sliding and then as I watched her picking up snow to eat I remembered about some friends saying they made Snow Ice Cream. So, we brought in some snow and we made it. It is a super easy and super yummy activty to do. You HAVE to try it! I think we'll be making it again this winter. Yum!

This afternoon we took Isabel to her first theatre production. We saw "Peef the Christmas Bear" at Stages Theatre Company. It was a very good show and was based on a cute book. We had bought a Flex Pass to this theatre so that we can go see several shows. Part of grandma's Christmas present is to use the pass with us to come see "The Paper Bag Princess" and "The Wizard of Oz". We also got her a ticket to see a Young People's concert of Bernstein with us at Orchestra Hall. That should be fun.

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