Monday, December 29, 2008

River Bend Nature Center

We spent 2 hours today at the River Bend Nature Center. We had so much fun. She learned about how the turtle/frog pond turns to ice in the winter. I told her about how the turtles go into a hole in the ground in the pond and sleep all winter. She seemed to think that was interesting. We'll save the conversation on hibernation for next winter.

We picked up some oak tree leaves off the ground. I told her that oak leaves tend to fall of last in the fall, so we sometimes see them on top of the snow in the winter. And then she would look up & find trees with some leaves left and point to it & say "That's an oak tree."

We also discussed the different animals track we saw, which included deer, rabbit & squirrel. She kept trying to convince me there was bear tracks too, but I wasn't buying it. We also discussed our shadows, which we often do when we see them. She wanted to know why there was only a mommy & baby shadow and no daddy shadow. So, we talked about how you only see shadows of things that were there and since daddy was not there, neither would his shadow.

They have a great play & learning area inside with a puppet theater and a whole bunch of animal puppets, puzzles, a felt board, block, plastic animals, sand table, etc. Just outside a couple of windows they have feeding areas set up for the birds & squirrels & they have binoculars to use. She thought that was pretty fun to try those out.

She also decided that since we were in the woods she was going to do bear crawl. Funny girl.

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