Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy St. Lucia Day

Isabel & daddy did some crafts that mommy had planned out this morning. They made a snowman (toilet paper roll craft) and a St. Lucia crown. The candles are actually supposed to be individually cut out, but h well. Right now the dough for the St. Lucia buns is rising and I will complete those in a bit.
We got outside this afternoon (she went down for a late nap) and we built a snowman, a snow castle, and made snow angels. Oh! And threw a few snowballs.

Since it is above freezing out, it was a great day to build things out of snow since the snow was workable and would stick. We had fun.

Isabel made a hat out of snow for the snowman. She really wanted to eat the carrot nose, but we told her she couldn't. Mommy started making the snowman a little big and daddy had to lift up the second snowball to put it on top of the bottom one. It was too heavy for mommy to lift.

Here is our snow angel family. This was the first time Isabel made a snow angel. We took a short video, check out our YouTube page, of her interpretation of making snow angel.

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