Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of 2008

Isabel was wearing a nice sweater & jeans outfit, but when she saw that I was going to hang up this jumper that grandma made her she had to made a wardrobe change. She says it is a ballerina dress. She is also wearing her leg warmers that godmother Jessi made her for Christmas. I definitly thinks she likes those. She kept jumping on the bed yelling "Keep my legs warm, keep my legs warm."

We decided to go out in the 1 degree above zero temperature to feed the birds. We read a story in this month's Your Big Backyard that mentioned birds have to work hard to find food in the winter. So, we decided to go outside & fill up the 4 bird feeders we have outside. Now we are out of bird seed and need to go buy more. This month's issue had some fun winter actiities, snacks & crafts that we will have to do durng January.

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