Saturday, December 06, 2008

St. Nick's Day ctd.

This afternoon we made St. Nick Cookies. You can see the link to recipe we used in a previous post. They are yummy cookies that are pretty easy to make. Isabel helped out some but would disappear when the mixer came out. She ate quite a bit of dough and also had 3 cookies tonight. That may have been the reason she was so sweet tonight. :)

This is Isabel's Christmas tree. I finally got around to buying her a strand of LED lights to go on her tree with her garland, beads, and ornaments from the last 3 years. Over the year he tree will fill in with the new ornament she gets every year from St. Nick. Behind her you can see her advent calendar which has minature Hershey bars in it. She loves getting a piece of chocolate every night before she brushes her teeth. She loves it so much that now she asks to go take a bath or go brush her teeth in hopes she will get some chocolate.
We have her tree upstairs in the hallway, which she now refers to as Isabel's living room. I suppose we have the big xmas tree in the fancy living room in our house, and that must be where a tree goes, in a living room.
Something else kinda funny......she thinks that every sink must have a garbage disposal. If she has a piece of food that she thinks is "gross" (like is a grape gets smooshed) she will throw it in the nearest sink, which is sometimes the bathroom sink.
She also thinks you are supposed pick up bugs with a piece of toilet paper. Whenever she sees one of those asian beetles on her window sill, she runs to get a piece (just one piece per bug) of toilet paper to pick up the bug & throw them away. The other day there was a couple of living house flies that she wanted gone (bugs on her window bother her). Luckily it is cold and they are slow so that I could actually catch them with the single piece of toilet paper.
Yesterday as we were driving around she kept pointing out castles (any big tall old buildings like churches) and I asked her if our house was a castle and she said, "No mommy, our house is a home."
Isabel likes to tell secrets, but it's always the same secret she tells me "Mommy, I love daddy." To which I respond, "I love daddy too." And then we yell, "Daddy!" Daddy loves that secret game we play.
She has also been getting into telling "jokes". She frequently asks me where daddy is throughout the daddy and she knows he is at work, but instead we take turns making up fun things that daddy might be doing instead of work, like golfing, ice skating, sledding, playing basketball, shopping, swimming, etc. Then we laugh because we knows daddy isn't doing any of those things because he is at work. We know he would probably much rather be doing all of those things.
Another game she started playing is "I'm going to eat your _____" It started with me and I would steal her nose and then eat it. So, now she likes to steal my face, nose, mouth, eyes, hair, etc. and eat them and we go back & forth like that.
She also thinks it's fun to play "Chase me and catch me to get me dressed."
On a different note -- today was the first day that she has gone the ENTIRE day with no accidents, no changes of clothes were necessary today.

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