Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Being Creative

Well, even though we are home all day with a sick girl, we did find time to be creative this morning. After she puked she was a little hungry and had some energy, which we used up making the puppets above. Then she had to rest a bit and ate A LOT of cereal for lunch (her choice & idea) and then had energy to make some music with her instruments and do some painting before we had a long storytime & nap.

The idea for the puppets came from this website, which grams had sent me last winter and we finally made it. We also made some as gifts.

She thought it would be fun to get inside her box where her stuffed animals are kept and get covered in her stuff animals.

You can't tell from this picture, but she is in her jammies (4th pair). We started out with the pair she went to bed in and since she isn't feelingwell I told her she could wear jammies all day, which she is loving. And after 1 puke, 1 accident, and 1 food spill she is on her 4th pair of the day.

Her being in her jammies all day and eating a lot of cereal for a meal other than breakfast is so much her father (if allowed.)

These are two of the most recent artworks that both use handprints. The one on the left we made today and is an angel and the one on the right is a snowflake with glitter on it which she made last night at class.

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Rachael's Mommy said...

Very cute puppets. Hope you are feeling better Isabel!