Thursday, December 04, 2008

Grocery Store Tour

Today we went on a grocery store tour with our playgroup. There were about 10 kids there. The neat part of the tour for the kids was that they got to go behind the doors and also got to touch the lobsters. On the way I asked Isabel what she learned there she said "to crush boxes" because we got to see the box crusher/baler. She really liked looking at the lobsters in the tank. I never really showed them to her before. I guess we'll have to stop & look at those when we go to the grocery store now. They took a couple out of the tank to let the kids touch them. Isabel was a little freaked out at touching them, but after mom touched one she was ok with touching it. The kids also got to sample lots of things (fruit, pretzels, cookies & kids vitamins from the natural foods section.) The other thing she told me she learned about what "it' where we go buy our supper." Afterwards, we picked up a few things that were on sale.

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Phanie said...

I remember when I was little and always looking the lobsters when I went shopping with mom in GB.