Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today's Playdate

Today we had our friends Cheri & Cole over for a playdate. The kids mostly played nicely by themselves, which gave ample times for the mommies to talk. They kids had a fun time playing this morning, then we had lunch, and then read the book "Danny's Christmas Star" by Edith Kunhardt and made our own start ornaments and then played some more. DCS is out of print, so you can only find used copies out there. But the story is about a family of mommy, daddy, & son Danny (all alligators) who are decorating the Christmas tree. Danny breaks the Christmas star and it's too late to go buy one so him mommy suggests he make a new one out of cardboard & silver paper & a metal hanger. So, we did just that, except I let Isabel add a few beads to her metal hanger. And when we went to hang it on the tree, she wanted to be picked up like Danny & hang it on the top of of the tree like he did. It was fun to be able to read about something & then go do it with her.
This afternoon both Isabel & daddy have dentist appts, just check-ups/cleanings.

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