Saturday, January 06, 2007

33 Weeks Old

So Pretty, but So Uncomfortable
I commented a lot about the uncomfortable part after the third picture. So, you can read about that there.
The dress she is wearing is the one from her daycare provider. As Christmas present from her daycare provider she got this dress set (dress, jacket & tights) and her stacking rings. I thought that was quite a lot of stuff from a daycare provider for a Christmas present.
When she doesn't feel well, she lays & sits a lot more still, so I have been able to get several books read to her without her being all grabby.
Old Fashioned
Again, I was playing around with all the settings and I thought I kinda made this one look like an earlier old-fashioned colro picture.
Today, we were planning on going to a birthday party for a co-worker (her baby is 10 days older than Isabel) and going swimming (the party is at a hotel & by the pool.) But poor little girl doesn't feel like being too active. We would need her temp to get back to normal & stay there. When it's at normal she's active and playing. When it gets anything above 100 she is lethargic and whiney.
My Teeth Hurt So Bad

Her top gums are Sooooooo swollen. Poor little girl. Early Friday morning (3:30) she woke me up with a low-grade (100.2) fever. And that is when it all started. I was up with her from 3:30 until 6am with her nursing on & off and falling asleep on & off. We both slept from 6-7, although I think she was annoyed that I got her up at 7. I normally get up between 6-6:15 to start getting ready for work, but Friday had to be different. Besides, I knew she wasn't going to eat or need to nurse before she went to daycare.

We think it's fever accompanying teething, but we'll believe it when we see it. Her temp breaks every time she has Tylenol and will be ok for a few hours, but them it starts creeping up again. It's always been in the 100-101 ranges. It has never gotten to 102 yet.

Her bottom gums don't seem much different; it's those top ones that seem painful.

I kinda want to figure out how to do coloring on this program. On this picture I thought it would be neat to have the jacet & barrette in color. Maybe some other time.

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Drea said...

Give her a frozen waffle to chew on. That always helped Caleb out when he was teething. The pockets in the waffle help to catch all the slobber they produce while chewing :-) plus it taste pretty good and is safe for them to eat.

She looks like a doll :-)