Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mmmmm....Books Are Good......

Before the Nastiness
This was taken only moments before the nastiness happened. I was cropping & editing (actually, I didn't do too much to these two other than crop and remove the red eye) when daddy started yelling for me. He needed a new onesie, more wipes, and HELP! Let's just say that there was so much poop that more ended up outside the diaper than inside.

I am glad there is photo editing software that gets rid of red eye. All my pictures growing up, I had red eyes. And not just some of them - but ALL OF THEM! No one else seems to have that issue, but Isabel does and with editing we can get rid of it and no one has to tease her about being evil or a devil child because she always has red eyes in pictures.

We did go to that birthday party yesterday, but we didn't go swimming, She was very well behaved and quietly sat there studying everything & everyone. The little boy her age kept trying to get her attention and steal her toys from her, but she was too busy taking everything in. Everyone there kept telling me how beautiful she was. One person leaned over to her and said, "You're so pretty!" and she just flashed a smile across her entire face. It was perfect.

All Dressed Up & No Place to Go

We didn't have any place special to go. In fact, the only place Isabel & I went was Target. She is such a good shopper. She quietly plays with her toys while I push the cart around. Actually, I think she enjoys riding around in the cart now as a "ride". She laughs & smiles when I push it from side to side and then go fast and then slow. She plays and just looks at everything. She studies things a lot. She definitly likes shopping at Target much more than at Wal-Mart or the grocery store. I think it's less crowded at Target and the lights are softer than the other places.

Anyways, I realized that I had an abundance of 12 month dresses and if I only out them on her on Saturdays I may never get to them all. I also realized that I had only a few pairs of 12 month pants. I think I may have more dresses than pants. Although I have several pairs of overalls that are on the shortest strap length, so I should be able to let those out further and be good to go.

I have a bunch of 18 month clothes, but she's not there yet. Plus when I was getting clothes before she was born and during the summer, I was thinking she might be in summer clothes at 12 months. Not true. Although, I only bought a few pairs of shorts, so it's not like I went overboard on that. And since her bottoms have just started to fit into 12 months, the shorts might fit this summer since they are all Gymboree bike shorts and they tend to be more forgiving of a fast growing baby.

This week is going to be a little busier for mommy & Isabel. Tuesday we have our first water class. Hopefully that goes ok. Wednesday I can pick up our pictures from Wal-Mart. Friday is mommy's work holiday party. It's from 3-5 at the Art Center. They cater in food and everyone gets done with work early and is still paid until 5, but for me, who gets done with work @ 2:30 - well, I'm there for the food. I plan to come home and pick up Isabel and nurse her and then take her there with me. The party continues later in the evening for a gathering at a co-worker's house (for what we call the 5:05 club) and everyone brings a bottle of wine and an appetizer. I will have to chek if we have a sitter or not for that part. And then next Sunady is Grams' birthday.

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